Won Ton Soup

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I don’t really need an excuse to eat won ton soup, it’s been one of our family favourites for years. Lovely little juicy dumplings in tasty broth with a few vegetables thrown in for good measure – it’s healthy happy food….

Like yesterday’s Moroccan Lamb Stew with Doughboys, I took a shortcut with Gourmet Garden’s gorgeous herbs. Normally I would use separate ingredients – lemongrass, ginger, chilli and coriander – but with Gourmet Garden’s Thai Seasoning it was done in a shot. I used this lovely combo in both the won tons and the soupy broth and it was taste, taste, tasty.

I was a little worried about the chilli as my girls don’t like anything too spicy, but it was mild and added just a hint of warmth and chilli flavour and they loved it. For those of you who like to set your mouths on fire, you can easily add extra chilli.

Now before you stare at me through the screen like I’m some mad woman suggesting that you make your own won tons, let me tell you how easy it is. It’s so easy that I get my girls to make the won tons while I do the soup. It’s just mixing the ingredients and wrapping it into little won ton wrappers – easy peasy. And with this gorgeous seasoning, there’s no chopping, grating or mincing.


I roll out my wrappers thinly because I like a soft silky texture, but you don’t need to as they are lovely just how they come out of the wrapping – one of my little quirks in the search for won ton perfection….. And if you’re wondering where to get won ton wrappers, I saw them in my local supermarket on the weekend in the fridge section – close to where they keep the fresh pasta and noodles.


So grab your ingredients and get cooking, you’ll be so glad you did.

Won Ton Soup

Serves 4

Won Tons

20 won ton wrappers (if you’ve got some left over, freeze them for next week)
300gms lean pork mince
1 tsp oyster sauce
½ tsp sesame oil
1½ tbsp Gourmet Garden Thai Seasoning
½ tsp Gourmet Garden Garlic


4 cups chicken stock
4 cups water
1½ tsp Thai Seasoning
4 cups julienned vegetables – great choices include carrot, celery, bok choy, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, onion, spring onions, water chestnuts, baby corn
1 cup mixed asian mushrooms – enoki, black fungus, oyster, shitake

To make won tons:
Mix pork mince, oyster sauce, sesame oil and Gourmet Garden Thai Seasoning and Garlic together until well combined.

Roll the won ton wrappers out to achieve a thinner wrapper (optional). Place a heaped teaspoon of won ton mixture in the centre of each wrapper and bring together like a little purse (see above). Pinch the wrapper together to secure properly. Repeat process until you have 20 won tons. This step can be done hours before you need them; just store in the fridge under a damp cloth. You can also make these days before you need them as they freeze well. You will need to cook for longer though to allow for thawing and cooking the won tons from frozen.

Place stock, water and Gourmet Garden herbs into a wok or large saucepan and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Add won tons and cook for 4 minutes. Add vegetables and cook for a further minute. Divide won tons and vegetables among 4 bowls and pour over broth. Yum!


You can use Thai Seasoning all the way through this dish or use separate Gourmet Garden herbs so you can add more or less of one particular ingredient – lemongrass, chilli, ginger, coriander, garlic…. anything that takes your fancy.

What’s on the menu tomorrow? Something sweet, sweet, sweet Steamed Lemongrass Puddings with Ginger Syrup. To die for, definitely not to be missed.

Indulge without guilt
Eat without deprivation
Cook great food even when you are on your own
Embrace food moods
Eat what you want



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