Watermelon, fetta and basil salad – simple, fresh, lovely

Day 1 – 12 Days of Christmas

Watermelon, fetta and basil salad, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  • I love your pink rosy blush – it brightens my table
  • I love your herby basilness – summer basil just rocks
  • I love your minty freshness – a bit of breath freshening mint never hurt anyone
  • I love your fetta strewn creaminess – anything creamy is good
  • Oh, I so LOVE that the dressing is just a little balsamic – easy and low fat in the extreme.

“Just balsamic vinegar” you say? Won’t it be well, vinegary? Nope, balsamic vinegar is mellow and quite sweet in flavour. It’s the perfect addition to this salad to counterbalance the sweet watermelon, creamy fetta and herby herbs.

So why does this salad make The 12 Days of Christmas? Well:

  • It’s made in 5 minutes. Who needs complicated anythings when there are pressies to open?
  • It looks like Christmas on a plate – ho, ho, ho!
  • It compliments just about anything you want to serve it with; chicken, pork, lamb, beef, ham, prawns. Versatile.
  • It is truly one of the loveliest salads ever. EVER!

Watermelon, fetta and basil salad


Hold onto your hat, tomorrow is another gorgeous salady fave – Corn and Blueberry Salad.

Happy 1st day of Christmas.




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