Warm French Potato Salad – fresh and light

Day 6 – 12 Days of Christmas

Our last carb-laden Christmas recipe is light, fresh and a little bit different. Yes, it’s potato salad but it’s potato salad with a twist. “A twist?” you say, ooooh how exciting! I’ve made the most of the new season potatoes with this salad. You know, those gorgeous little pale globes of potatoey goodness? But that’s not the twist – I just thought I’d mention it because I do love a new season potato……

Added to these beautiful little spuds is loads of fresh watercress, a little tarragon and lovely fresh peas, tossed together with a warm garlicky vinaigrette. There it is, the twist of all twists – fresh greens with warm vinaigrette. Ta Da! Okay, now that I’ve typed it, it doesn’t sound so twisty but you’ll love it all the same, I promise.

Honestly, this is one of the loveliest potato salads you’ll ever eat. The peppery watercress coupled with the light aniseed of the tarragon and fresh peas makes a perfect backdrop for the potatoes. I’ve used a garlicky vinaigrette which just seems to finish it all off nicely (it is French after all) but feel free to leave out the garlic if you’re not a fan. I serve this salad warm or cold – it’s gorgeous no matter how you want to serve it.

So why did this salad make the 12 Days of Christmas?

  • It’s as easy as ripping the wrapping off those pressies.
  • It’s made with lovely new season potatoes. What better way to show off fresh produce?
  • It’s lovely and light and fresh and yummilicious. We all need that on Christmas Day, yes?
  • It’s bright and beautiful and a little bit special. Just perfect for the 25th.
  • Like everything else in the Moodie 12 Days of Christmas, it compliments everything (fyi, fantastic in a sandwich the next day when you’ve indulged just a little too much and need a double carb hit).

Are you all carbed out yet? Tomorrow it’s onto mains, starting with one of my personal faves, Roast Lamb with Pomegranate Molasses served with Pomegranate and Cherry Salsa. My knees go weak…..

Warm French Potato Salad


12 Days of Christmas Recap:

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Day 6 – Warm French Potato Salad




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