The Skinny On…. Skinny Sausages

I LOVE sausages. Love. Them. The epitome of comfort food, don’t you think?. Warm tasty sausies, served on mash with gravy? Or whacked in bread slathered with tomato sauce?  Oh my, so good.

But you know what I’m gonna say don’t you? The fat? The kilojoules? The salt? Yep, yep and yep. So I’m here to give you my lowdown on lower fat alternatives that will keep you in comfy comfort without having to put on your soft comfort pants.

Now before you “pffft” disgustedly as “there is no such thing as a tasty low fat snag”, I’m here to tell you I have researched on your behalf. I have trolled the aisles of supermarkets, I have studied, sniffed, label-scrutinised, fried, flipped and feasted. All in the name of research. I have done blind tastings using my family as proverbial guinea pigs. Yes, we have sacrificed all in the name of finding a damn good sausage. It’s a hard job…….

The only restriction I placed on my search was that the brand had to be readily available, which means the larger supermarkets (Australia only – apologies to my overseas moodie foodies). I reasoned that there was no point in finding a sensational snag if the majority of you couldn’t find them.


Skinny Sausages

Coles Simply Less sausages
Sausages - chicken

Coles Simply Less range is handy for those of us who want our favourites but are looking for a healthier alternative. The sausage range is available in Chicken, Thai Style Chicken and Beef and all have the Heart Foundation tick of approval. The flavour is good and sausagey and well worth a place at your next barbeque.

Nutritional Information

  1. Chicken (2 thin sausages): 477kj (114cals), 15.6g protein, 4g total fat (1.2g saturated fat); 414mg sodium
  2. Beef (2 thin sausages): 588kj (140cals), 14.5g protein, 6.9g total fat (2.5g saturated fat); 423mg sodium

**Two thin sausages are about the equivalent weight (although perhaps a little heavier) than one thick sausage. One thin sausage weighs in at 48 grams and one thick sausage weighs in at about 85-90 grams.


Peppercorn sausages

Sausages - Peppercorn

Peppercorn Food Company prides itself on producing good quality meat products that are healthier for you. There are many products in the range but I concentrated on sausages which are available in Chicken, Pork, Beef, Italian Style and there’s even Chipolatas. Cool. Again, I liked the flavour with the Pork ones coming out as a family favourite.

Nutritional Information

  1. Chicken (1 thick sausage): 619kj (148cals), 16.1g protein, 7.5g total fat (2.8g saturated fat); 423mg sodium
  2. Pork (1 thick sausage): 420kj (100cals), 12.1g protein, 4.3g total fat (1.4g saturated fat); 324mg sodium
  3. Beef (1 thick sausage): 448kj (107cals), 9.6g protein, 5.8g total fat (2.2g saturated fat); 324mg sodium


Compare it to a full fat sausage

So that you can see what you’re missing out on (in this case, it’s good to miss out on all the saturated fat and sodium), I’ve given you a comparison with a full fat sausage*. As you can see, healthier sausages have more protein, less kilojoules, less fat and less sodium, and the flavour is pretty good.

Nutritional Information
1 thick sausage: 761kj (182cals); 9g protein, 15g total fat (6g saturated fat); 583mg sodium.
*I used Coles Beef with Garlic and Parsley


A Few Shopping Tips

When you’re looking for a figure friendly snag:

Go For
A product that has:
•    10 grams of total fat or less per 100 grams*
•    Less than 600mg of sodium per 100 grams

Anything that says flavoured. Beef flavoured, pork flavoured, lamb flavoured or chicken flavoured has less of the quality meat that you’re after and more ahem, flavourings. There is also likely to be a combination of meat used in the one sausage, so for example a beef flavoured snag could also contain pork.


My Thoughts

I go with the healthier sausages most of the time. The flavour is good and there is enough reduced kilojoules, fat and sodium to make it worthwhile for my health. But never feel guilty about having a sausage at your local sausage sizzle, sometimes you’ve just gotta do it and some of them are just so amazingly delicious that it may just be a crime not to indulge. Well, that and it’s for a good cause, right?


Have you had any good low fat/healthier sausages?  Fill us in. For those of you who are outside Australia, what’s good where you are?


Healthy eating!









*Australian Healthy Food Guide, July 2014

  • John Dulley

    Bad news – Coles have discontinued Simply Less Chicken sausages. They were our staple sausages because the fat content was so low and they tasted great. They now only sell standard chicken sausages which have more than double the fat content.


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