The skinny on…… Rachel’s Yogurt

I don’t know about you but there are few things that I love more than to hear about a good something – a new restaurant, a lovely wine, a cleaning powder that actually cleans or a good low fat something that tastes really good. Word of mouth, it’s a power thing, yes? Love it, hate it, have an opinion on it, a little knowledge is a good thing and sharing is SO in.

This is the first of many of my musings on products that catch my eye. These aren’t sponsored posts (I’ll always declare those) but rather my opinion on what I love, what I can live without and what I would never buy again. I’d love you to join in the chat and tell me what you think, that way there’s a balanced view on what’s around and not just my ravings.

I’m starting off with Rachel’s Yogurt.
If you love yogurt like we do in our house, you’ll know that Rachel’s has hit the shelves in a big way. Marketed as a premium quality, gourmet low fat yogurt, Rachel’s offers 4 flavours for your morning calcium boost: Mango & Madagascan Vanilla, Black Plum and Roasted Fig, Wild Strawberry & Rhubarb and Peaches & Vine Ripe Passionfruit. They just roll off the tongue and make your mouth water, yes?

Strawberry - 560g

What do I think of Rachel’s?

  • It’s thick and creamy. I do so love a thick yogurt don’t you?
  • It’s okay on calories/kilojoules. It’s not the lightest low fat yogurt that you’ll find on the shelves but at 398kj/100g, it’s pretty good and it certainly holds its own with other creamy low fat options.
  • It’s okay in the fat department too (it would be great to have less than 2g/100g), but at 2.9g/100g I’m certainly not screaming “Hell no, don’t let me near it!”
  • Price is rrp $2.49 for 150g or $5.39 for 560g pottles which is comparable to similar gourmet yogurts.
  • The packaging is lovely and I’m big on nice packaging.

Mango 560g

Overall, I liked it. It’s creamy enough to make me feel like I’m giving myself a treat (very important for my psychological mood happiness!), and the flavours are nice. To be perfectly honest though, the yogurts aren’t as flavourful as I would have liked; they’re not oomphy enough for me. I want the mango to really taste like mango and the black plum to really taste like black plum and the vanilla to be ultra vanillary. But that’s my taste, I like big and bold and obvious. These flavours are a little more subtle.

Nutritional values per serve
The flavours vary slightly with the values, but rounded out for a 140g serve (just over ½ cup):

Kilojoules: 565 (134.5 calories)
Total Fat: 4g
Saturated Fat: 2.7g
Sugar 16g
Calcium: 158mg

Peach - 560g

I give it a 3½ out of 5. I liked it and would buy it again, but it’s not my absolute favourite. If you want to know more about Rachel’s Yogurt, you can visit the site here.

Have you tried Rachel’s Yogurt? What do you think?
If you haven’t, what’s your fave skinny yogurt?



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