The Day I Met Nigella

Confession No 3: I secretly think Nigella is a Goddess

I don’t get celebrity-struck, it’s just not my thing. I don’t pore over the celebrity pages of magazines and I avoid places where the glitterati usually hang out. I consider myself fairly down-to-earth when it comes to all that sort of thing. So off I went to Masterclass at the Langham back in March un-phased by the requisite food celebrity with whom I would be rubbing shoulders.

Over the day I saw many recognisable faces including the gorgeous Jill Dupleix, and the formidable Matt Preston, the gregarious George Calombaris and the delightful Rachel Allen* – interesting but unmoved. I wasn’t going to see Nigella as I had chosen different classes to attend but when it came over the PA that she would be in the book room (mini book store) for a bit, I thought I would go and see what all the fuss was about. Now I’m not a huge fan of Nigella’s recipes as I find them too heavy and I guess I just have a different style, but I do love her tv shows. She is the ultimate entertainer with her sultry voice and sexy repartee, and I adore her Christmas specials – fairy lights and Christmas trees get me every time…

So as you can imagine, I wasn’t expecting to buy a Nigella cookbook, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to find myself in the line clutching her latest book, heart pounding, waiting for it to be signed. But there I was! I was completely swept away by the Domestic Goddess; not only is she beautiful (we can all see that), but she has an aura about her and a manner of speaking that makes you feel like the only person in the room. I sent texts to all my close girlfriends**, and I couldn’t wait to tell my girls***. I know, wet and pathetic and I hated myself for it, but I had turned groupie (at least for a day).

But it got me thinking about Nigella and her success. She’s not a professionally trained chef and doesn’t aspire to be. She isn’t finicky or fussy about her ingredients, although she is a fan of organic. And she writes uncomplicated recipes that we can all cook without too much stress. She loves food and it has to taste good: I guess you could call her one of my inspirations. So, in honour of the Domestic Goddess herself I bring you something decadent and chocolatey, but without the guilt…. Fudgy Brownies

Confession Time: Who inspires you and why?

*I just wanted to be instant friends with her as she’s just that type of gorgeous person
**Who all thought it weird that I had gone rogue on the celebrity-avoiding stance and not just a little disturbed at my girlish excitement…
***Who were suitably impressed and told everyone at school the next day that “Mummy had lunch with Nigella”.

My Nigella-Inspired Fudgy Brownies – all the decadence without the guilt


Indulge without guilt
Eat without deprivation
Embrace food moods
Eat what you want



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