Thai Pea Soup

Creamy, spicy, silky soupy

Last week we didn’t talk about soup as I thought you might like a break from my soupy obsession. But I got withdrawal and so now it’s back. Sowwy……

Today I’m bringing you a thick, creamy number that literally curls my toes it’s so good. Now you know how much I love all soups, but this one is a special favourite. It’s just so tasty. The peas add a wonderful creamy thickness that fills me up all the way to the tips of my eyelashes (pretty cool, huh?) and the spicy flavours from the curry paste and coriander make me want to do a little Thai dance (except I don’t know how so I improvise). I’m a big fan of coconut light evaporated milk, and it’s just perfect in this soup. Apart from the coconutty flavour (so delish), the additional creaminess boosts the yummy factor big time while keeping it light on fat and calories. Bonus!

I make this soup for myself when I’m starving and need something quick and comforting but a little exotic (and probably in need of a fabulous Asian holiday that’s so not gonna happen…). I’m eating in under 30 minutes and it weighs in at only 1541 kilojoules (367 calories) with under 2 grams of saturated fat and a whopping 13 grams of fibre per serve. Tasty AND good for you, that’s the moodie way.

So do you make dishes that transport you somewhere else when you can’t afford a holiday? I do it all the time. Not sure if that’s sad or smart. I prefer to believe the latter….

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Thai Pea Soup


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