Thai Beef Salad with Nam Jim

Spring, The Four ‘S’ Theory and Tangoing Tastebuds

It’s Spring! And it’s windy. And the weather doesn’t seem to know if it wants to be warm or cold, but it’s Spring and Spring means that Summer is just around the corner.

I love the change of seasons don’t you? It’s a bit of everything – warm, cool, windy, rainy, sunny. It gives me a chance to cook all types of dishes – a little bit of warm comfort, sprinkled with a bit of cooler salads and everything in between. It keeps it interesting…..

Because the weather is really, really nice today, and due to change tomorrow, I’m cooking Thai Beef Salad with Nam Jim.

Mmmmmmmm, I do so love a good Asian style salad with all those beautifully balanced flavours to make your taste buds tingle the tango. It’s the four ‘s’ theory of sour, salty, spicy and sweet that makes Asian cooking so amazing. This salad is relatively simple – seared lean beef tossed with lettuce, mint, cucumber, tomatoes, coriander and rice noodles. The sizzle comes from the Nam Jim dressing which mixes just the right amount of garlic, coriander, chilli, onion, fish sauce, lime juice, brown sugar and peanut oil to make your eyes roll heavenward. De. Lish. Us. Oh, and it’s quick and easy and light and healthy and wonderful. Did I miss anything? Don’t think so.

Wonderful for lunch or dinner or part of the spread you’re preparing for your guests, this lovely salad will never disappoint.

Do you cook many Asian-inspired dishes? And do you love the four ‘s’ theory as much as I do?

Thai Beef Salad with Nam Jim


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