Tastiest Chickpea Burgers EVER!

Fab mid-week dinner – quick, easy, light

I love a good chickpea, don’t you? Hommus, roasted chickpeas, chickpea curry, chickpea meatballs. The list goes on. Growing up we didn’t eat too many chickpeas – they didn’t have meat in them (so not Dad-approved) and were considered a little on the bohemian side (although I think Mum was a secret hippy and enjoyed a chickpea or two herself…..). These days I can’t get enough of them.

Now you may be asking yourself why I love these weird little legumes (also called garbanzo beans) so much and you certainly have a right to ask. And being the sharing kinda girl that I am, I’m going to let you in on my not-so-secret secret. They taste amazing and they are just so good for you. SO good for you. Did I tell you how good they are for you? Perhaps I’ll share a little more…..

Chickpeas not only have two names (which is pretty cool) but they:

  • Are really high in fibre (great for cleansing if you know what I mean)
  • Are a fantastic source of protein (great for just about every bodily function you have but also an awesome replacement for meat)
  • Make us feel good (chickpeas are high in tryptophan which is needed to produce serotonin and serotonin triggers our feel good receptors and makes us feel happy).


Wow, did you get all that? Are you sold on the benefits of the humble chickpea? Well, feast your eyes. Feast I say! These gorgeous golden mounds of burgerliciousness are just so delish. They’re earthy and garlicky and tasty as all get out. I reckon I could even get my Dad to eat them.

I serve them with a simple salad and minted yogurt but you could just as easily whack them between a burger bun with some fried onions and a bit of tomato and you’d be a happy person. Fantastic for a mid-week meal, you’d have them on the table in 20 minutes from whoa to go. Bonus!

Do you like chickpeas? Legumes? Have you got a fave legume dish you want to share? Go on, I love a good share too.

Chickpea Burgers


Happy eating!




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