Taco Bell Peppers

Tacos, need tacos…..

I’m SO in a comfort food mood at the moment. It’s all this cold weather. Soups, stews, oven bakes and anything with mince are all on the menu at mine.

As I was flicking through my mental rolodex of recipes wondering what I would make for dinner (you understand that daily chore), I had a craving for Tacos. Oh how I love a good Tex Mex Taco, don’t you? But I wanted to lighten up cause I’ve been eating quite a bit of comfort food lately, you understand….. And so I did away with the taco shells and replaced them with capsicums (bell peppers). YUM! I made a lovely taco sauce with extra lean mince, beans, lentils, tomatoes and Mexican spices and stuffed it into the capsicums, then whacked it into the oven to cook. The smells coming from the kitchen truly made me hungry – roast capsicum with taco spices, mmmmmmmmm.

Now as you know, Elly and Mia don’t eat meat and so I split the sauce and replaced the mince with extra kidney beans for theirs. Tasty as a tasty thing, I could have eaten theirs and not missed out. But I didn’t, I went with the mince and it was great. Don’t you just love a versatile recipe? And light? Did I mention that already? These little babies are extra filling and come in at only 1234.8kj or 294 calories with only 3 grams of saturated fat. Woot!

So next time you’re in the mood for some Mexican deliciousness but want to lighten it up, try these taco stuffed capsicums, they are SO good.

Are you in a comfort food state of mind at the moment? What are you eating?


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Taco Bell Peppers


Happy comfort food eating!




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