Spring Turkey Lasagne

Light, low carb, creamy, dreamy…..

It’s not too late for lasagne is it? I know it’s Spring but I don’t mind telling you that the weather here is not-so-nice at times. Cold and rainy mixed with the odd glimmer of sunshine and today it’s 30°c!. Four seasons in one day indeed. But the question is, is lasagne ever out of season? I think not.

You’re going to fall in love with this recipe, I can promise you. Why? Two sauces have been combined into one, it’s packed with spring vegetables so it’s extra good for you and I’ve used lean turkey breast. Triple Threat! Or is that triple treat?


I know you know how much I love lasagne, but this is honestly one of my favourites. It’s creamy and tasty and light and I feel great just looking at it. And

I gotta tell you how in love I am with turkey breast right now. Love. It. It’s light and moist and takes on every flavour around it, it’s a fantastic source of protein AND it’s 97-98% fat free! Light and lean indeed. I’ve even replaced my usual pork steak with turkey breast steak on the bbq – that’s how much I love it (I do so love a good pork steak…..).

I’ve mentioned in the recipe to use 500g of lean turkey breast, but I haven’t been able to get it lately (poo!) and so I’ve been buying turkey breasts and pulsing them in my food processor which is just as good. If you can’t get the 97-98% fat free turkey breast mince then buy it, buy it now. Don’t be tempted to buy any old turkey mince, it has to be extra lean 97-98% fat free, otherwise you’ll be munching your way through a whopping 12%+ fat content for the other type of turkey mince, which has a greyish tinge to it and doesn’t taste very good – I’ve tried it (the things I do in the name of research).

I’ve used leeks, celery, broccoli and spinach as my vegetables of choice, but feel free to use whatever you have in the fridge. This lasagne will work with just about anything. I’ve also replaced a layer of pasta with zucchini slices to keep it light and low carb, in fact the only pasta I’ve used is a layer at the bottom which I’m sure you could replace with vegetables if you wanted to remove pasta altogether.

So tell me, are you up for a little lasagne in Spring? And have you discovered turkey breast?

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Spring Turkey Lasagne


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