Spring Pesto Verde Soup

Confession No 6: I won’t be on The Block any time soon

Spring has sprung… a leak in my roof. It’s typical spring weather here in Melbourne – 4 seasons in a day. It started with wind – gusting blow-your-eyelashes- off-and-pull-your-eyelids-back wind*. Then came sun – bright, warm and glorious, it sent us screaming into the bathroom to apply the quickest fake tan lest our eyeballs* be scorched by the lily whiteness of our legs. Then came the rain – torrential, horizontal wetness that precluded any type of acceptable hair style and kept us all inside. Together. For days on end. In the school holidays. Oh dear….

Meanwhile, the house is falling apart. The wind is so strong that my bedroom windows bang against the frame all night** – no sleep. The sun is great but I know I’m being lulled – on edge. And the rain? The rain has shown up every little leak in my house. I have buckets everywhere and the outside deck/al fresco area is leaking water from the lights – a bit worried…

All this would be okay if I knew what to do about it but we don’t do renovations or handy work in our house. We pontificate over a glass of wine about who to ring to fix the problem, eventually make the call and pay an arm and a leg to have a washer replaced in a leaking tap. We won’t be auditioning for The Block next year……

I have many friends who love doing things around the house – painting a wall, building a deck, putting in a new bathroom. It seems to be the challenge of doing it yourself that drives them. But not for us. We’ll continue to sit on our deck under our leaking lights and think about it until someone is electrocuted or we find someone to fix it – whichever comes first.

So, in honour of tempestuous, unpredictable, contradictory Spring I’m giving you soup this week. Yes, hot soup with spring vegetables and pesto verde. It’s still chilly enough outside to welcome a steaming bowl of soup, but I think we all want to lighten up a little so this is just perfect.

*Amazingly still in tact after the wind
**No matter how tight they are wound in – it’s surprising the handles are still on

Are you a future contestant for The Block or are you just as unhandy as me?
What’s your biggest house disaster?

Spring Pesto Verde Soup

Green spring vegetables steeped in pesto broth
Spring Pesto Verde Soup

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