Spanish Chicken Stew

Big flavour, low cal, slow cooked rib sticker

It’s no secret that I love a good stew when the weather turns cold. Don’t we all? All those lovely flavours cooking together; makes my mouth water just thinking about it. No really, it’s honestly watering…

Growing up our stews were traditional British numbers – beef, Worcestershire, pearl barley (oh yum, my mouth is watering again) – which is no surprise considering Mum is British. And while I could never give up these big pots of British tradition, I’m experimenting with new cultures and flavour combinations. At the moment I’m heavily influenced by Mexico and Spain where they use lots of tomatoes, paprika, cumin and peppers. I could probably live on these ingredients in one form or another and so there was no surprise when I turned my greedy little self to a Spanish Stew.


I chose to use chicken rather than beef or lamb because I’m more of a white meat kinda girl. I used thighs rather than breast because they work so well in slow stewy cooking, but you could definitely go for breast if you wanted to make it even lower fat than it already is.

For the carbohydrates (you’ve just got to have something to stick to those ribs), I chose lentils rather than pearl barley, potatoes or rice. I love a good lentil and they are just so good for you. Honestly, if you’re not a big lentil eater or you are but those in your family aren’t, this is a fab recipe to start your journey. Lentils take on the flavours of everything around them and this is just so flavour-packed that those little babies will carry you right to Spain. I like to serve this stew with a lovely big leafy salad or some steamed vegetables – can’t get enough of the green stuff as far as I’m concerned…..

Do you like a good stew? What are your favourite flavour combinations?

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Spanish Chicken Stew


Happy eating!




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