Snack Swaps – 10 healthy swaps to keep you satisfied

Snacking, we all do it and not usually because we’re hungry. Stress, boredom and habit are all major contributors to why we snack. But sometimes we’ve just got to, don’t we? And who and I to tell you not to snack? I’m a snacker too. But I try to keep it healthy most of the time and am always surprised at how habit seems to weigh in on my snacking choices.

I’ve given you 10 ideas for healthier snack swaps. Some of them aren’t straight swaps, chip for chip if you know what I mean, but I’ve tried to find snacks that will stop whatever craving you may be having whether it be sweet, savoury or energy-boosting. They’re also lower in fat, sugar and calories. Give them a go and let me know what you think. You haven’t really got anything to lose except perhaps a dress size and you’ll feel much better for it.


Packet of chips Small handful of nuts and dried fruit – it’s going to fill you up for longer and you’ll boost your vitamin and mineral intake
Large scoop of ice-cream ½ cup natural yogurt with berries – lower fat and sugar content with the added benefit of tummy health from the live cultures in the yogurt. If you can’t eat natural yogurt, go for a fruit based one but choose wisely as some low fat brands are high in sugar
Cheese and crackers Low fat cheese and fruit and/or vegetable slices – much lower fat content plus the added bonus of vitamins and minerals from fresh produce
Mid-afternoon biscuits Handful of dried fruit or a banana – lower in fat, salt and sugar, these options will fill you up AND curb that sweet craving.
Chips and dip Crudite (vegetables sticks) and salsa or hummus – ups the vitamin and mineral content while adding fibre which helps to fill you up.
Chocolate 70% dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate – less sugar and fat with the added bonus of antioxidants. It’s also richer so you won’t want to eat as much, but do watch the portion size nevertheless as it’s still chocolate!
Jelly lollies Punnet of fresh strawberries – all the sweetness of jelly lollies, loaded with vitamins and minerals and far less sugar and preservatives
Packet of salted peanuts Punnet of cherry tomatoes – much lower in fat and salt and soothes that salty craving
Energy drink Banana – instant energy pick me up, lower in kilojoules and so much better for you
Iced chocolate/milkshake Chocolate and berry smoothie made with low fat milk –  reduces the fat and sugar content, gives you a boost in vitamins and antioxidants


Are you a snacker? What do you like to snack on? Got any great suggestions for lightening it up?


Healthy eating!




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