Smoked Cod Chowder

Thick Comforting Chowder

There’s nothing better than a big hot, thick, steaming bowl of chowder when you need comfort and if you visited on Wednesday you’ll know I am in desperate need of comfort. And food. And comforting food.

In fact for me, there’s probably nothing more comforting than a big bowl of soup. It’s big for one and my brain needs big to feel full. It’s also really filling with all its soupy tummy filling goodness and I tend to eat soup slower for some reason which gives my brain a chance to say “I’m full”.

This beautiful big bowl of thick comforting comfort is one of my faves. It starts with sautéing leeks, celery, garlic and bay leaves together – mmmmm, good start, it’s smelling good. I then add potatoes, stock and water and cook until everything is soft and tasty – mmmmmm, soupy tastiness. At this stage I blend either all or only half depending on how smooth or chunky I want it, add in some milk for creaminess, parsley for freshness and smoked cod for big flavoured WOW. I do love smoked cod and chowder is a perfect place for it – creamy, tasty, thick and comforting.

Do you like smoked cod? How do you cook it?

Smoked Cod Chowder


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