Salade Nicoise

Confession No 9: Venus is a city, Mars is a farm

As I put the plate down in front of him I could have sworn that I detected a facial twitch. Small and imperceptible as it was, it was definitely there. Confusion? Perhaps. Excitement? No, it definitely wasn’t excitement….. Surely it couldn’t be disappointment? Look at the plate, it’s gorgeous! A work of art even.

What’s the matter, don’t you like it? He sensed danger.

Is it the soft, leafy lettuce?

Is it the lovely green beans, soft and yet crunchy?

Is it the tuna, because it has oil in it? It’s not in springwater.

He was looking awfully nervous by this stage – that much I could tell.

Just look at that egg, perfection! Solid white, creamy yolk….. my voice trailed off. I had the lost puppy look, all sad and hopeful (damn me).
The egg is great. Perfect!

Well what is it then? I was turning from the lost puppy into the slightly slavering beast. Did he not see the perfection of my egg!!!
It’s got no meat….. Small apologetic voice.

It was then that it hit me, Venus is a city and Mars is just one big animal farm. A fact that John Gray omitted in his bestseller…..

The fact is that women like salads, not just because they are light and healthy but also because we enjoy them, they taste good and make us feel better about ourselves. Men eat salads as a side (a small side with 1 lettuce leaf and a small cherry tomato) to their slab of cow. Salads are for sissies and only to be eaten when necessary.

Instances that constitute necessary involve one or all of the following: getting out of the dog box, setting a good example for one’s children under the glaring watchful eye of one’s wife, fear of the sad puppy face, wanting something extra later on as a reward for eating girl food…… There are many necessary reasons that force men to eat salad.

Of course this is a generalisation but it’s pretty safe to say that most men are rampant carnivores – there may be a small town on Mars for salad eaters but it’s cordoned off from the rest of the population. In case it spreads…..

So, was I out of my mind to hope that my carnivore husband would eat my gorgeous Salade Nicoise? Is tuna not protein? Is egg not protein? Apparently not. If you look up protein in the Mars dictionary it says meat.

For all of you who do like salads though, try the salade nicoise this weekend, it’s quick, easy and just what you need when you’re ravenous.

What’s your favourite salad? What do you love that makes others twitch if you put it in front of them?

Salade Nicoise


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