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Low fat snack or healthy salad crunch
Last time I was in New Zealand we did a load of travelling around (it’s a beautiful country and there’s so much to see). Travelling around means a lot of time in the car and a lot of time in the car means boredom and boredom means snacking. Now we could all agree not to snack but that doesn’t really work in my family. The only viable option was for us to find healthier snack options. And so we did; fruit, teeny tiny carrots (which went down a treat – if I’d bought a bag of normal sized carrots, the bag would have stayed unopened), and roasted chickpeas.  Mmmmmm, crunchy roasted chickpeas in rosemary/sea salt or balsamic vinegar/sea salt (in normal speak means herb or salt and vinegar).  They sell them in all major supermarkets in New Zealand, you can buy them just as you would a bag of chips.

So on my return I headed straight to the supermarket to pick up a bag or 10 and guess what? None, nada, no tasty bags of chickpeas for me. I searched and searched with no luck. So I made my own. I was, after all hooked on these crunchy little nuggets of healithicious goodness.

It’s easy peasy to make roasted chickpeas, well not easier than opening a bag, but easy enough. Drain a couple of cans, dry them with paper towel and toss them in whatever flavour you like (my fave is rosemary, thyme and garlic). Roast them in a hot oven, tossing them around a little half way through and then cool.

Packed with protein and big on fibre, these gorgeous little nuggets of legumy lusciousness will make your toes curl and your body sing.  Chickpeas are naturally low in fat, high in iron, manganese, zinc and vitamin B. They are just perfect for family snacking and make a fab addition to salads. Move over chips, roasted chickpeas are the in snack; they’re cool, hip and the new black….

Do you snack on road trips? Have you had roasted chickpeas before? Are you interested?

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Roasted Chickpeas

Per serve: 368.8kj (87.8cals); 2.7g total fat (0.3g saturated fat); 4.3g fibre


Roasted Chickpeas

Healthy eating!





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