Roast Pumpkin Damper

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What to make? What to make? I was standing in my kitchen on a Sunday morning wondering what to make for lunch. John was away in Hong Kong (lucky bugger – not even pretending to work I might add) and I wanted to make something nice for the girls; you know, spend some time together over a meal where we could all sit together and eat instead of grabbing a quick sandwich on the way to a sporting activity…… What to make? What do I have in the fridge….. Mmmm, pumpkin. What could I make with pumpkin? Pumpkin soup – too hot. Pumpkin Pasta – nah, we’re having pasta tonight. I know, I’ll have a go at pumpkin damper. My brother mentioned that he’d had a really nice pumpkin damper (or it could have been bread) at a friend’s farm back in 1989. Okay, so it’s taken me 24 years to actually get around to writing a recipe but better late than never, right?


Anyway, pumpkin damper sounded good to me and that’s what I made. I roasted the pumpkin rather than boiled it as I wanted the pumpkiny flavour to be really pumpkiny – as you do. This took me 20 minutes, during which time I was getting the other ingredients sorted and heating the oven. After that it was a matter of mixing a couple of ingredients together and baking it for 30-35 minutes. And oh yummy of yummy things, it turned out exactly like I imagined. It was pumpkiny (I was right to roast) and moist and really tasty. The girls loved it, we sat together and talked. It was nice to have a little bit of the country in the heart of Melbourne.

I froze what we didn’t eat and guess what? The girls asked for it in their lunch boxes the next day. Now that’s a compliment if ever there was one. Roast Pumpkin Damper, who would have thought?

Do you have a recipe that you’ve been meaning to make, like forever?

Roast Pumpkin Damper


Happy eating!




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