Roast Pumpkin and Ricotta Lasagne

True tasty low fat comfort

Before Mia decided she wasn’t going to eat meat her favourite food was lasagne, followed closely by anything with pasta, or chocolate. I digress……

You can imagine that when Mia decided to give up meat she realised that she’d have to give up her beloved lasagne. Needless to say, this posed a problem of catastrophic proportions for her. Lasagne is just not something you want to give up, right? So I made it my mission to come up with different versions so she could still indulge.

This beautiful version calls for roasting pumpkin along with garlic cloves to make a creamy garlicky ricotta sauce seasoned with sage (one of my all time fave herbs). I call it beautiful because not only does it taste so, but it’s beautiful to look at – pretty with all its golden pumpkinny creamy goodness. It’s important to have pretty food sometimes, yes?

Anyway, try it and try it soon while we’ve got all this glorious pumpkin around to cook with. You won’t regret it with only 1229 kilojoules (under 300 calories) for a big delicious slice.

Are you a lover of all things lasagne like Mia?

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Roast Pumpkin and Ricotta Lasagne


Happy lasagne making!




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