Roast Chicken with Chestnuts and Garlic

Confession: We roast every Sunday

My husband loves a good roast. That’s not really all that surprising is it? Meat is the focus of a roast and meat is his best friend. But I think it goes beyond the carnivore’s nirvana with him and into something more meaningful like family tradition.

Although he grew up in the city, John’s grandparents were farmers and he feels deeply connected to their farm and way of life. He loves the country and everything that goes with it (a subject we discuss on a daily basis as I am well and truly a city girl). He enjoys tramping and camping (and when I say camping I’m not talking about places with showers or toilets) and he feels at home on every single farm we’ve ever been on (or driven passed or even flown over).

He still has a jumper that was not only knitted for him by his grandmother, but she also spun the wool from the sheep on her farm. His childhood memories are filled with days of hay bailing, sheep shearing and picking veges from the vege patch for dinner. And his grandmother’s cooking; real farmhouse cooking with stews and soups, homemade jam, bread and freshly made scones with cream.

But his favourite was the Sunday roast. Plates piled high with meat and potatoes (and a few other vegetables…..) was exactly what you needed after a hard day working on the farm.

It’s a tradition that he loved and carried on with our girls as soon as they sprouted teeth. Every Sunday we’d sit down to a roast dinner that he proudly cooked himself. The girls were tiny without much respect for cutlery and so it wasn’t always pretty. In fact we usually carried Mia at arms’ length to the shower to hose her down afterwards. That’s how much she loved her Sunday roast; just like her Daddy.

We’ve been roasting every Sunday for almost 9 years now. It’s the only meal that we share together during the week due to work and sport commitments, but it’s certainly the most important. It gives us a chance to catch up and share what’s been going on or just to talk.

We talk about what we’re going to cook and how we’re going to cook it – sometimes inside in the oven, other times smoked on the bbq. My hope is that it will continue for many more years and our daughters will look back on the Sunday roast with fondness (Mia for one will be glad that we don’t hose her down anymore).

I’m sharing my Roast Chicken with Chestnuts and Garlic today because chestnuts are in the supermarkets and fresh food markets at the moment. I’ve put the recipe in Comforting Couch Potato because that’s how I see it – a comforting Sunday night dinner with my family. But it would be just as happy in Indulgence Absolute as it’s something special to make for friends. Cook it this Sunday and let me know what you think.

Do you have family food traditions? What’s your most memorable one that you have or would like to pass on?

Roast Chicken with Chestnuts and Garlic


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