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Perfect Scrambled Eggs


Serves 4

Creamy golden eggs, scrambled until they are still glossy and just set – Perfection! They don’t take long to cook so have your coffee ready to go.

Per serve: 502kj (120cal); 7.6g total fat (2g saturated fat); 0.1g fibre



You’ll need

6 eggs
2 egg whites
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp freshly chopped herbs e.g. dill, chives, parsley
Salt & pepper
Olive oil spray

Let’s go

Spray pan with little oil spray and heat on low. While pan is heating, whisk eggs with milk and whatever herbs you are using. Add eggs to pan and move them around the pan to break them up. Season with salt and pepper. Continue to move mixture around the pan. Eggs will be ready when just holding together but still creamy and glossy – 3-4 minutes tops. Serve on toast sprayed with a little oil instead of butter.

Why it’s good for you
You’d be surprised at how much fat and calories can go into restaurant scramble – cream, butter, oil…. Scrambled eggs, when cooked well, don’t need anything else except a few fresh herbs, so use a little oil spray next time and enjoy. Of course, if you just can’t imagine your eggs without a little butter, use it sparingly as the eggs carry the flavour on their own.
Per serve without toast: 502kj (120cal); 7.6g total fat (2g saturated fat); 0.1g fibre
Per serve with 1 slice multigrain toast: 902.2kj(214.8cal); 9g total fat (2.6g saturated fat); 1.3g fibre


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