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Cinnamon Apple Chips


Serves 6

Crispy sweet apple chips! If you’ve never tried them, try them is all I can say. THE most perfect healthy, low fat, low calorie snack ever and oh so good.
Per half cup: 163.8kj (39 cals); 0.09g total fat (0.01g saturated fat); 2.8g fibre


You’ll need

3 apples
3 tsp agave nectar (or 1 tbsp melted honey or 1 tbsp caster sugar)
½ tsp ground cinnamon

If you’ve got an apple corer and a mandolin slicer, your job will be much easier, but you can just as easily use a knife – just get the slices as thin as you can.

Let’s go

Heat oven to 100°C and line two oven trays with baking paper. Core apples and slice as thinly as you can (1-2mm is good). Toss apples with agave nectar (honey or sugar) and dust with cinnamon. Line trays with a single layer of apples and bake for 2 hours (a little longer if your slices are thicker). This may seem like a long time but it’s not really,  I just put them on and forget about them while I do other stuff. Don’t forget to use a timer though!

Remove chips from oven together with the baking paper and cool on a wire rack (I usually lift them a little from the paper to make sure they don’t stick). Store in an airtight container.


Why it’s good for you
It gotta tell you how good these chippies are. Wonderful on their own, served as chips with some sweet yogurt or as crackers with a little blue cheese (parmesan is also tastilicious). Perfect light, healthy low fat snack!
Per half cup: 163.8kj (39 cals); 0.09g total fat (0.01g saturated fat); 2.8g fibre

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  • Penny Fenech

    I made these yesterday for the kids lunchboxes and they’ve already eaten a heap. I just wanted to know if they we’re meant to be crunchy? I think I may have over crowded the tray

  • Jay – Moodie Foodie

    Hi Penny. They are meant to be crunchy but I’ve found they taste just as good a little less crunchy. The problem with not getting all the moisture out of them is that they won’t store as well:) Perhaps put less in next time or if you’ve got a big oven (as I don’t unfortunately!), whack in another tray. Glad you liked them xo


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