Raspberry Tea Cake

Family traditions, afternoon tea and feeling special

When I was a little girl my mum used to take me out for afternoon tea almost every week. It was something for just the two of us – mum and me. These outings were a chance for us to indulge in girl time and discuss crucially important matters such as shoes (I’m a shoe person), bags (mum’s a bag person), makeup, perfume, who was mean at school, who was mean at work…… It was a lovely way to spend with my mum and it made me feel special.

Now that I have two girls of my own, we’ve carried on the tradition. We spend girl time over coffee, hot chocolates and cake. We talk about anything and everything and I think they have the same feeling that I did – of feeling grown up, taken seriously and special. It’s one of those family traditions that I hope never stops, one that I will keep with my mum and my girls and one that I hope Elly and Mia carry on with their children (although they both tell me that neither of them is having children).


And whilst we love going out, it’s not always possible – lives get in the way and we just don’t have the time. So we try to catch up over afternoon tea every day after school. We talk about what happened at school, what happened at The Moodie Foodie (in my kitchen and in front of my computer), who was mean and who wasn’t. We do highlight of the day and lowlight of the day.

Sometimes there aren’t any highlights or lowlights, but it’s a good chance to sit and talk even if it’s only for 15 minutes. We stay connected and in touch with what’s happening in each others’ lives. It’s a girl thing. We like to talk. Over cake.

This Raspberry Tea Cake is one of our favourites. It’s really light and fluffy, sweet and tangy and goes down well with a good cup of tea. I’ve adapted this recipe from Rachel Allen’s Dutch Apple Cake which is also gorgeous. Rachel suggests beating the eggs, sugar and vanilla for a good 5 minutes which gives the cake it’s light, airy texture – works every time, but then she is a baking genius.

Next time you want to have a chat with your friends, kids, or mum make this tea cake; it makes you feel special just looking at it.

Do you do afternoon tea? What family traditions have you carried on in your family?

Raspberry Tea Cake


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