Quick Healthy Butter Chicken

A Healthy Redo on a Tasty Indian Classic

Here are 3 very important facts you probably already know about me:

  • I love food. All food.
  • I will not be denied food. Under any circumstances.
  • I like to keep it healthy. To avoid catastrophe.

I know, I know it sounds very confused, conflicted and crazy that I love all food but like to keep it healthy. But it’s because I am the human equivalent of a labrador dog (I eat practically everything – except shoes, I don’t like shoes) that I need to keep things light and healthy. Honestly, if I gave up caring about my health it would be catastrophic; not only for my wardrobe as I upsized every week but for my wellbeing and self esteem.

But what do you do when you’re a lover of all things yummy? It’s a dilemma, I don’t mind telling you because I hate missing out. You know what I’m talking about, when everyone’s having pizza and you’ve got 3 lettuce leaves and a cherry tomato on your plate. Urgh. No. Thank. You.

Deprivation is not in my nature and so I write light recipes for my fatty faves: burgers, lasagne, pizza and yes, butter chicken. Oh Butter Chicken, how do I love thee. Your creamy, spicy, buttery goodness warms me to my toes….

I think we all love a bit of Butter Chicken and if you use the Indian words for it (Murgh Makhani or even Chicken Makhani), you can avoid the ‘butter’ bit which is absolutely fine if you crave it once in a while. But not me, I love Butter Chicken and want it when I want it (so much more than once in a while). In case you’re wondering where I’m going with all this, I’m getting around to sharing my tasty recipe for Healthy Butter Chicken. Ta Da! This recipe is yum, yum, yummy and creamy as all get out. I kid you not, it’s so good that it gets my tick of approval and I’m a Butter Chicken connoisseur, aficionado, fanatic….

Do you have a fatty fave that you wish could be lighter?

Click on the recipe title or photo to be taken to the recipe

Quick Healthy Butter Chicken


Happy eating!




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