Prosciutto, Fig & Ricotta Bruschetta

Confession No 27: I’m not that into figs….

But this recipe curled my toes.

Before I go into my toe curling experience, I want to tell you that I’m not really a fig fan. They look gorgeous with their plump bodies and pink seedy lushness, but I’ve never really understood the fig adoration others seem to have. I think it’s the almost floral flavour and the soft pulpy texture that has put me off. Until now…..


Determined to unlock the secret of figgy festiveness in March (figs are only around for about one month a year), I bought some figs. I walked around them, I smelled them, I squeezed them (gently) and I pondered. What to do with the figs…… And then it came to me: there needed to be saltiness to offset the floral sweetness, creaminess to offset the saltiness and crunch to give some texture.

Oh, and a little pepperiness to balance it out. But something was missing. Where was the va va voom? The special something that brings it all together and makes your toes curl? A syrup! A heady, spicy, sexy syrup was needed that paid homage to the exotic nature of the figs.

And so it was: toasted bruschetta with layers of salty prosciutto, creamy ricotta and gorgeous figs in a balsamic cardamom sugar syrup with a little rocket on the side. Toe curling, tongue tingling, eye rolling figgy ecstasy. Never again shall I scoff at figgy pudding, fig jam, fig biscotti or fig stew (alright I made that last one up). I have been converted. Next, I’m doing them with blue cheese; baked wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with blue cheese. But that might have to wait until next March. You can have too much of a good thing you know….

Do you like figs? Is there a food that others love and you just don’t get?

Prosciutto, Fig & Ricotta Bruschetta


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