Potato Tart

Confession: I hear French accordion music in my head

When I make this tart I hear accordion music and imagine myself sitting in a little French cafe (but probably not wearing a beret as the music is enough cliché). It’s a little strange I’ll admit as potatoes aren’t really associated with France are they? Baguette, camembert, croissant and Beaujolais – all yes. But potato? Not so much. Although now that I think about it there’s pomme frittes (chips), gratin dauphinois (creamy sliced potatoes) and croquette (deep fried mash) and so perhaps I’m not losing my mind completely…..

But I think I go all ooh la la over this tart is because it’s so beautiful and I associate France with beautiful things: Montmartre, Chanel No 5, Audrey Tatou, Antibes, Veuve Clicquot and my potato tart. Just look at this gorgeous piece of culinary art.


Now I know you might be thinking “ooooh la la, that looks like a lot of work” but I can promise you, it’s not; a few sliced potatoes and leeks with a crumbling of cheese and you’re done. It’s one of those dishes that you can relax with in the kitchen because it’s very difficult to make a mistake. I use a mandolin to slice the potatoes thinly because it’s easier, but if you don’t have one just sharpen your knife and get into it (if you’re like me though and like to slice, grate, shred and julienne, you can pick up a mandolin from most kitchenware stores).

I’ve used blue cheese in this tart because I love blue cheese, but you can swap it for your favourite – parmesan, gruyere, vintage cheddar; just make sure to use a strong cheese to maximise the flavour. I like to serve it with a simple green salad – watercress is gorgeous, rocket would be great too.

So if you’re at a loose end this weekend and need some relaxing kitchen time or have friends coming and feel the need to impress, whip this little potato tart out. It’s gorgeously tasty, visually breathtaking and you may just hear a little accordion music of your own.

Do you hear music in your head at odd times? Just lie on the couch and tell me all about it….

Potato Tart





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