Pavlova Roll with Rosewater Berries

Day 12 – Moodie 12 Days of Christmas

The last day of my 12 Days of Christmas – but not least. This pavlova roll is a fantastic note to finish on. It’s light and airy and cloudlike and looks beautiful.

Now if you’ve haven’t made a pav roll before, don’t worry because it’s incredibly easy. You do need a swiss roll pan to spread the meringue but really, that’s as hard as it gets. A pavlova roll is after all, a flat pavlova rolled to look rather impressive (fantastic for those pavlova flops that we’ve all had by the way…..).

I’ve chosen fresh berries soaked in a little rosewater because it’s a beautiful combination (and I LOVE rosewater) but you can use anything you like – orange zest, brandy, a flavoured liqueur (Frangelico would be delish) or just a little vanilla.

So why did this make the Moodie 12 Days of Christmas?

  • Like everything else in my 12 Days, it’s easy peasy berry squeezy.
  • It’s bright and festive with its gorgeous red and white – Santa’s fave colours or so I’ve heard…
  • It’s gorgeous and light and guilt-free.
  • It’s pavlova and what Christmas would be Christmas without a pav?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Moodie 12 Days of Christmas and found some inspiration for your table this year. I’ve got one more little festive surprise for you tomorrow before I take a break for the year. Sit on the edge of your seat cause you really don’t want to miss this one.

Pavlova Roll with Rosewater Berries


12 Days of Christmas Recap:

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Day 12 – Pavlova Roll with Rosewater Berries




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