Parmesan and Chive Potato Gratin – creamy, rich, light

Day 5 – 12 Days of Christmas

Whilst crispy roasted potatoes are the favoured potato of choice of everyone else in my family, I am a gratin girl (well, that and mash – love a good mash). I just can’t go passed those gorgeous slices of potato cooked in something amazingly creamy. It honestly makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And if you’re a creamy potato dish kinda person like me, you’ll know that those gorgeous dishes of luscious laden comfort are filled with all sorts of fat and calories that almost make it worth it. Almost, but not quite.

Sure, it’s Christmas and we could certainly justify to ourselves. Yes we could. But we don’t have to. I’ve come up with a potato gratin worthy of a yuletide celebration without the inevitable you’ll-wide result. No, we don’t need to unbutton our pants this Christmas. We don’t need to upsize our jeans after one mouthful of our favourite creamy creations. We can eat and be merry and guilt-free with this gorgeous little number.

So why did this make the 12 Days of Christmas?

  • It’s rich and creamy. But not too rich and creamy – it’s just right.
  • Although it’s creamy, it’s light on calories and low fat to boot. Yay, yay and triple yay!
  • It goes a long way if you’ve got loads of people coming. You can double or triple the recipe. Handy.
  • It compliments everything. EVERYTHING I say (except your morning muesli or perhaps trifle)
  • I love it and wanted to share it with you

Parmesan and Chive Potato Gratin


Tomorrow we’re making potato salad. But not just any potato salad, French Potato Salad that can be served hot or cold. But you may just need to make double the amount it’s that good.

12 Days of Christmas Recap:

Day 1 – Watermelon, basil and fetta salad
Day 2 – Corn and blueberry salad
Day 3 – Roast peach, blue cheese and walnut salad
Day 4 – Crispy Christmas Spuds
Day 5 – Parmesan and Chive Potato Gratin




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