Onion Gravy

Store-bought or Homemade? An earth-shattering discussion

So last week I set myself the Olympic challenge of reforming the humble meatloaf; transforming it into the epitome of cool. It’s a work in progress so it’s too early to report back, but I’m confident (about as confident as a Chinese swimmer in London, so it’s all good).

I mentioned in my meatloaf post that this particular recipe even makes its own gravy, which is pretty cool. But what if you’re making something and it isn’t as cool as my meatloaf and doesn’t make its own gravy? What happens if you really need gravy; something to bring the dish together, to highlight its delicate flavour, to drown your mashed potato?

And it got me thinking about gravy in all its gravalicious glory. I asked myself this question: Do we need to make gravy at home? With so many gorgeous store-bought varieties, and believe me there are some fantastic ones around, is it really necessary to make our own? I debated with myself for quite some time (as I am known to do) and I discovered something that may just be earth-shattering.

It doesn’t have to be a Yes or a No! There are sometimes when you grab a ready-made gravy and there other times when you just have to make your own. Are you as gob-smacked as me? Is this a defining moment in your culinary education?

But are you now worried because you’ve never attempted a homemade gravy and are wringing your hands because you may be missing out on something totally YUM that you didn’t even know existed? Fear not, I have the solution. This gorgeous little onion gravy will have you making dishes just so you can have gravy: sausages, steak, chicken, a good old chop or two, the Sunday Roast….. And what could be better than a big bowl of mashed potato drenched in gravy? My mouth is watering just thinking about it…….

Onion Gravy


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