Mushroom Pot Pies

Big on Taste, Comfort and Health
Small on fat and kilojoules

You already know by now how much of a comfort eater I am. I do so love to curl up on the couch with a big bowl of yummy savoury goodness. Love. It!

But did you know that I’m also having a love affair with mushrooms at the moment?
Here’s why:

  • Mushrooms have mucho flavour which means you don’t need to add too much salt or fat for a tasty dish
  • Mushrooms are filling and yet low in fat and kilojoules
  • Mushrooms are BIG on vitamins B and D (when exposed to sunlight)
  • Mushrooms are a good source of iron
  • Australian research suggests that women eating 10g mushrooms or more daily have a 50-65% lower risk of breast cancer compared to those women who don’t eat mushrooms. There are unique compounds in mushrooms that may protect us from both breast and prostate cancer* With cancer in my family and John’s, I’m cooking up a shroomy storm for us and our beautiful girls.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve combined my two loves into these tasty little Mushroom Pot Pies. Oh. So. Tasty. They’re mushroomy and saucy and topped with cheesy mash. Everything’s better with cheesy mash, right?

Next time you’re in desperate need of comfort, try these pot pies. So good.

Are you a lover of the humble shroom?

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Mushroom Pot Pies



Happy pot pie eating!




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