Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burgers

Tasty, quick and under 280 calories

I do love a good burger. All burgers: chicken, pork, beef, bacon, fish, prawn, chickpea, lentil, – I’ll eat any ol’ burger. And recently I’ve found mushroom burgers. Remember how I told you that my beautiful girls, Elly and Mia, have turned “no meat mum” on me? Well, since then I’ve been experimenting with loads of new stuff so they don’t miss out. Just because they’re not eating meat doesn’t mean they should miss out on burgers, right? That wouldn’t be a life worth living in my book…..

Anyway, one night I REALLY felt like a burger and rather than make a patty (absolutely no energy or inclination), I wondered what would happen if I just cooked the mushroom and stuffed it with great tasting things. A bit of onion and garlic, some fresh thyme, oooooh and some blue cheese should do it. Love a bit of blue cheese…. It was fantastic! Mushilicious!

Mushrooms are packed with essential nutrient goodness. They are high in the vitamin B group, protein and iron. They also produce their own vitamin D when exposed to the sun, although I don’t often keep them in places where they have the opportunity to sunbathe. Perhaps I should considering the health benefits….

And if you eat them with something high in vitamin C, you’ll increase your iron absorption as vitamin C is a handy little iron-absorbing enhancer. I chose spinach for this little number as mushies and spinach are yum, yum, yummy.

So what do you say, mushroom and blue cheese burgers for dinner tonight? Go on, they really are good.

Do you like a burger or 2? What are your favourite flavours?

Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burgers


Happy eating!




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