Moroccan Pumpkin Chips

The best chips, crackers, healthy snack EVER

Pumpkin Chips? Really? Am I completely crazy? Well, I could be crazy but not because I’m bringing you these pumpkin chips and I’ll tell you why.

Cold weather makes me hungry and when I’m hungry I can’t ignore it, I have to eat. I’m not talking about the 3 square meals I have in a day, I’m talkin snacking, eating between meals, getting the munchies, grazing….. Now rather than tell myself I can’t eat (because that works, not), I try to choose snacks that are good for me, or at least okay for me. But lately I’ve revisited my naughty little habit of cheese and crackers or dip and crackers. Mmmmmmmm, how I love good salty snack with crackers, chips, cheese and any dip I can get my hands on. The more I do it, the more I want to do it. I’ve been naughty…..


But again, rather than tell myself I can’t have it (I think we’ve established that it doesn’t work with me) I found a way to do it the healthy way. It’s a Moodie Foodie thing. So instead of crackers I made vegetable crackers, chips, yummy little morsels of savoury snackiness. With Pumpkin! You could use potato or sweet potato or even parsnip so I’ve heard, but I just love pumpkin, which also happens to be in season right now. Bonus.

The key to these crunchy little creations is to cook on a low heat and slice the vegetables really thin (about 1-2mm). I use a mandolin to get mine thinny thin thin and you can pick one up for next to nothing at kitchen shops like The General Trader or Matchbox or probably K-Mart or Target. I love my mandolin, using it for julienning vegetables, making coleslaw and thinly slicing just about everything I can find in my fridge (I do so love a thin vegetable). And once you taste these chippy crackers, you’ll agree that it was worth the investment. Or, you could just slice the pumpkin really thinly and be done with the mandolin.

And guess what? These tasty little pieces of pumpkinny goodness are only 39 calories for about ¾ cup. Whip them up with some homemade hummus or salsa or even some light fetta or creamy light Neufchatel. Or do what my kids do and just have them on their own. They’ll keep in an airtight container for days, but I doubt you’ll have much left over.

Can you say “NO” to food or are you rebellious like me?

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Moroccan Pumpkin Chips


Happy snacking!




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