Moodie Fried Rice

Healthy Remake of a Chinese Classic

Mmmmmmm, fried rice. Bacon, eggs, peas, prawns – it’s Chinese comfort food and if you know anything about me by now, you know how much I love comfort food.

Growing up our special treat was Chinese food and we always, ALWAYS had fried rice. Not steamed rice or boiled rice or any other rice, fried rice. And lots of it. With some sweet and sour pork, honey prawns and lemon chicken. Oooooo, my butt is expanding just thinking about it. But it did taste just so good…..

These days I eat a little lighter (well, okay a lot lighter) but I still have my favourites. I cannot under any circumstances go without my most favourite or my second favourite or third favourite or anything remotely tasty in fact. You know now much I hate to miss out. And so I remake, redo, remodel my old fatty faves for flavoursome, low fat fabulousness. Honestly, it’s easy to do and tastes just as good if not better than the originals. It has to, otherwise I couldn’t eat it – it just wouldn’t be right would it?

So back to my Moodie Fried Rice, oh so yummy and comforting in all it’s ricey goodness. You wanna know the secret to the remake? Low fat bacon (98% fat free) and only a little bit of oil. That’s it! Bacon in all its porky deliciousness is pretty high in fat but if you use a low fat variety you still get all the flavour without the joules/cals and saturated fat.

Use only a little oil to cook the bacon and use big flavoured vegetables like onions, capsicum and spring onions. Bring it all together with some punchy sauces like oyster and soy and you’ve got a masterpiece just waiting to be chopsticked.

Do you like a good remake, remodel, redo? Have you got a favourite recipe that you wish could be lighter? Tell us all, we want to know and maybe I can help out with the remodel.

Moodie Fried Rice


Happy eating!




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