Mexican Fish with Corn Salsa

One of my favourite fish dinners

I’ve mentioned before that we didn’t eat much fish growing up and consequently, fish recipes don’t come naturally to me and I don’t have many in my repertoire. But knowing how important it is to include fish in my diet (I need all the extra brain power I can get), I try extra hard to come up with interesting recipes.

My Mexican Fish with Corn Salsa is perfect example. Everything tastes better with Mexican flavours, right? I use a little store bought Taco Seasoning – why reinvent the wheel if you don’t need to – sprinkled over the fish to give it big flavour. I then top it with a corn salsa made with corn kernels, capsicum, tomato, red onion, garlic, lime juice and coriander. I use fresh corn kernels, slicing them off 2 corn cobs and cooking them for a couple of minutes, but if you’re pushed for time you could use canned kernels (this option increases the sugar content slightly but not so much as to make it something to worry about).

Made in 15-20 minutes, it’s a quick and nutritious meal that wouldn’t be out of place at the weekend barbeque with friends or your local Mexican restaurant for that matter. My kids chow down on this dish no problemo, but then again they also agree that everything tastes better when it’s Mexican.

Do you struggle with tasty fish recipes or are you a regular Barnacle Bill?

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Mexican Fish with Corn Salsa


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