Mexican Beef Pie with Cornbread

Tasty Tex Mex Pie at only 310 calories!

On Wednesday I talked about my love affair with Spanish and Mexican flavours with my Spanish Chicken Stew. Now rather leave you hankering for mucho Tex Mex deliciousness, I thought I’d bring you some. Mucho, mucho, mucho! This gorgeous creation will truly crown you Queen of Comfort Food in your house (if you don’t already hold that crown). It’s big and hearty and full of flavour – beef, tomatoes, capsicum, cumin, paprika – and saucy? Saucy in the extreme my friends. And the piéce de resistance (not very Mexican I know)? It’s got cornbread topping. Ta Da! It’s a Mexican Shepherds’ Pie.

Before my girls gave up meat, this was one of their all time favourites and I’ve got to admit it’s still one of mine. When I’m in real need of comfort and I’ve just had one of those days, I make this. To keep it healthy and light and good for me, I use extra lean beef mince, loads of vegetables, herbs and spices with only a little bit of added oil. The cornbread is made with polenta of course, and buttermilk which is naturally low in fat and adds a richness that’s hard to beat. Is your mouth watering yet? It seems these days that mine just never stops; I’d be embarrassed but I’m too hungry…..

Do you like a good comforting pie when it’s cold? What do you add to yours to make it extra tasty?

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Mexican Beef Pie with Cornbread


Happy eating!




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