Meatloaf with Garlic Mash

London, the Olympics, Comfort Food and the Mother of all Challenges

I love the Olympics. I am in awe of the athletes and their dedication, sacrifice and sheer bloody mindedness to achieve what most of us would consider unachievable (or at least a trifle difficult…..). And it got me thinking about herculean feats, awesome challenges and Olympian achievement. I wanted in on the action. But what could I do?

  • It had to smack of Olympic attitude – dedication, sacrifice, sheer bloody mindedness.
  • It also had to be somehow linked to London – I was inspired after all by these most public of games.
  • It had to be challenging – more challenging that a challenge from the planet Challenge!

And then it came to me. I would change the public perception of meatloaf. Ta Da! I would turn meatloaf from a dish to be avoided at all costs into something coveted, cooked and cool. I know, I know, a herculean task if ever there was one but I was up for it. I was filled with Olympic spirit and determination. But did it tick all the boxes?

Was it worthy of an Olympic athlete? Writing and testing recipe after recipe for something great enough to stake my Moodie reputation on took dedication (in creating the right recipe), sacrifice (all that testing…) and sheer bloody mindedness (to wade through and find something truly delish). Tick

Did it speak of London? Classic comfort food with mashed potato and gravy – what could be more British than that? Tick

Was it a challenge? It had to be healthy, incredibly tasty and something worthy of putting on a plate in front of friends (and in fact the entire world wide web). It had to be worthy of turning uncool into cool. Tick, Tick, Tick and Tick.

So here it is; my first step towards changing the public perception of meatloaf. It’s moist and mushroomy with crispy ham and creamy garlic mash. It’s tastier than a tasty thing and gorgeously healthy. It even makes its own gravy – now that is cool!

So what do you think, am I on the right path to meatloaf glory or is it a cause lost in the mid 1970s?

Meatloaf with Garlic Mash


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