Macadamia Crust Chicken

Confession: It’s getting busy around here

It’s only September and already, it feels like crazy Christmas time. You know what I’m talking about – Diabolical December where there isn’t a spare moment to do anything because you’re too busy planning, partying, dropping off, picking up, pressie buying, pressie sending, house cleaning because it’s Christmas at yours this year, booze buying, more booze buying because you drank the last lot to get you through the stress of Christmas? Well, it’s a little like that here at the moment but without the Christmas carols and the odd Ho, Ho, Ho (which I secretly love).

Why the sudden activity? The onslaught of Christmas chaos without any of the good stuff? I can put it down to:

  • My girls have much better social lives that I (highly unfair), which requires me to drop off, pick up and generally be on call 24/7 (also unfair but normal for parents I guess)
  • My girls have friends who all appear to be born in September (good that they have friends, but couldn’t they have been considerate enough to have them born in months other than September?)
  • We’re selling our house

Yep, there’s the big one. Selling. The. House! A couple of years ago we moved from our small terrace house in Richmond to a large house further out. We moved to have more space – the girls could have their own rooms, a backyard for Missy the faithful Cairn Terrier (actually, she’s not so faithful and will go where the food is), Mr Moodie Foodie even had his own room where he could keep all his man stuff (photos, prints, trophies and other memorabilia from his Army days that were not allowed anywhere else in the house).

And for me, a huge kitchen. I’ve since realised that I’m a city person and need the hustle and bustle of the inner suburbs; it gives me energy and inspiration. So we’re moving. Again. Consequently, it’s getting busy around here – meetings with real estate agents, carpet cleaners, electricians, garden doer-uppers, house stylists, all on top of the already hectic schedule that is my life.

You can imagine with everything that’s going on, the last thing on my mind is dinner – even though I cook for a living, I don’t have time to think about dinner before it’s well, dinner time. But I find that it’s times like these that you need something tasty and a little bit special but quick and painless to make. It’s the treat you give yourself at the end of a crazy day. That’s my Macadamia Crust Chicken. New to the Moodie Foodie site, this flavourful little number only takes 5 minutes prep and 20 minutes in the oven – voila!

And it’s so versatile – change the chicken breast out for fish (just make sure you use a firm fish) or swap the macadamia nuts for pine nuts, walnuts, almonds or cashews. You could even forgo the nuts altogether and add some parmesan or use different herbs. The choices are endless but the cooking time and process remains the same.

Are things busy at yours at the moment? And do you have any great coping tips for selling my house?

Macadamia Crust Chicken


p.s. For those of you who recieved weird technical messages from me yesterday, I’m sorry. My technical peeps were testing something new and exciting for the site and didn’t realise that you guys would be included in the process!



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