Low Fat Chocolate Mousse

Guilt-free Easter Treat

I LOVE Easter. Yes, chocky eggs are a big part of the adoration factor but there’s also:

  • The turn of the season where days are still warm and clear but mornings are crisp and cool;
  • 4 whole days with my beautiful girls to play and cook and talk and giggle;
  • 4 whole days with my husband to drink wine and eat food and laugh and relax – no cell phones allowed;
  • The Easter Bunny – love him not just for the eggs but for the excitement and magic he brings each year. It might not last much longer so better make the most of it while I can;
  • The excitement of the annual egg hunt – so much fun for the kids and there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of my girls’ laughter.

This year Easter falls on my Mum’s birthday, so extra Easter bonus for me cause I get to share it with my Mum, and she gets to share it with both her kids and all her grandkids – nice. I’m cooking for Mum’s birthday lunch. Not because I have to but because I want to; cooking for loved ones is cool. What am I cooking? Well, I don’t want to bore you with all the picky little details but I thought I might make a 5 hour pulled beef (cooks itself in gorgeous juicy sauce), stuffed mushrooms with lentils and blue cheese (for the non meat eaters), roast beetroot salad, crispy garlic and rosemary potatoes and my gorgeous low fat chocolate mousse. Yes I know, hard to believe. LOW. FAT. CHOCOLATE. MOUSSE.


And I’m telling you, it’s so good and light and fluffy and did I mention low fat? No cream, no egg yolk and not too much sugar. Perfect! I’ve used chocolate (you just have to have chocolate in a chocolate mousse at Easter) and egg whites with a little sugar and vanilla. And it’s only 127 calories per serve. Do you hear angels singing? Oh me too. You just have to try it. Now. Go on, stop reading and get into the kitchen.

What are your favourite things about Easter?

Low Fat Chocolate Mousse


Happy eating!




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