Lazy Weekend Breakfasts

Confession No 25: I plan to be lazy this weekend

It’s a long weekend here in sunny (not) Melbourne and I’m planning a lazy one. Yes, I’m actually planning to be lazy. Those of you who know me will understand my penchant for planning but this weekend I’m taking it one step further; I’m planning to have no plan. I must admit, I’m a little nervous about it but I think it’ll be alright; if I do all my planning now, before the weekend. That’s not cheating is it?

This weekend we have no parties, basketball games, calisthenics competitions or horse-riding lessons. It’s a weekend of laziness. And so I’m going to do what any person would do with so much time on her hands, I’m going to make lazy weekend breakfasts. I’m thinking French Toast, Breakfast Pie and Bacon, Avocado and Sweet Chilli. So here’s the plan (I made it today so it’s still not cheating):

Saturday: French Toast with Maple Bananas

Maple Bananas

I love French Toast but don’t often get the chance to make it. This recipe is gorgeous. It uses day old french sticks (buy it today for the weekend), soaked in a sweet cinnamon batter. The bread is then pan fried so it’s crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. Topped with slices of fresh banana and a drizzle of maple syrup, it’s really hard to beat this for breakfast. AND, it’s low fat. Does it get any better?

Sunday: Breakfast Pie


It’s bacon and eggs in a pie. Don’t be put off by the ‘pie’ bit as the pastry is just a little bit of flour, milk and butter smooshed together. I’m telling you, if I can make it and not get stressed you can. I don’t do pastry, but this I can do. Fantastic for a lazy Sunday morning or pack it up and take it on a picnic (if you weren’t having a lazy day that is). It’s going to earn me big points with The Husband. Oh, and my youngest who is my little carnivore.

Monday: Bacon, Avocado and Sweet Chilli


This breakkie is one of my all time favourites. I had a version of it in Port Douglas on a holiday and I’ve never looked back. The combination of salty bacon with creamy avocado, sweet chilli sauce and a sprinkling of coriander is amazing. Seriously, I’d do just about anything for this breakfast, and I do mean anything.

Regardless of whether you have a long weekend coming up, you should plan to have at least one lazy breakfast don’t you think? It’s good for the soul to slow down and unwind.

What’s your favourite lazy weekend breakfast?

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