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Confession No 2: I get bad PMT

PMT, PMS, hormonal hell, extreme mood swings …. whatever you want to call it, I get it and it’s disturbing*. These episodes creep up on me. I don’t even know they’re happening (although I should) until someone opens their mouth and utters something seemingly normal and I explode into a ranting, raving, slavering lunatic.

“Mummy, where is my library bag?”
“Darling, can you pick up my dry cleaning?”
“What are we doing this weekend?”
“Woof, woof, wag?”

Normally these would be perfectly fine questions and part of the daily patter of life inside my house but today, HELL NO! Today it’s:
• Find your own library bag! What do I look like, the librarian? And anyway, how would I know where your library bag is? Do you think I crept into your room in the middle of the night just so that I could read Horse Mad Summer, Percy Jackson or the Chronicles of Narnia? And now that you mention it…….**

• No, I can’t pick up your bloody dry cleaning! What do you think I am your personal slave?!!? Honestly, do you think I have nothing better to do than run around doing your bidding. And that’s another thing……***
• I don’t know what we’re doing this weekend! What am I, a walking calendar? Why do I…..****
• No, we can’t go for a WALK. I’ve got things to do. What, do you think I have time to walk all day? Oh, and by the way can you learn to pick your own ….*****

Yes, today is the beginning of a week of psychotic episodes where I’m all smiles one minute (even humming a little tune) and screaming with eyes bulging and frothing from the mouth the next. It’s PMT and I get it bad. Not only do I offend everyone around me but I eat: savory, sweet, sometimes savory-sweet and then sweet-savory. It doesn’t matter because it’s all going in. It’s a food/crisis thing – whenever there’s a crisis, there’s a particular type of food to match and for me it has to be comfort food. Ah, comfort food – warm, soothing, rustic, homey dishes of pure relief and understanding. One of my favourite comforting-couch-potato, cranky-mood-alleviators is lasagne. Gorgeous hot, creamy, garlicky lasagne – I’ve got to have it in all its fabulousness.

Confession Time: What do you crave when you’re cranky and in need of comfort?

*For everyone within a 5 kilometre radius of me
**I’m on a roll, it just keeps going on…. Poor darlings
***And on…. Poor darling
****And on…. You know the drill
*****I can’t seem to stop myself. But it’s ok as she always forgives me instantly. Poor darling



Indulge without guilt
Eat without deprivation
Embrace food moods
Eat what you want



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