Italian Turkey Meatball Soup

Big low fat Italian bowl of soup goodness

I could write my own soup diet with the amount of soup I eat? I know you know how much I LOVE soup because I keep talking about it: minestrone, cream of chicken, barley and vegetable, Mexican bean…… And if you’re a lover of all things soup, there’s good news. I’m not done with the healthy, low fat, low kilojoule bowls of winter wonder. I still have quite a few up my sleeve. If you’re not a lover of all things soup, sorry but I cannot be silent about soup……

There’s just something about soup in Winter. It’s like salads in Summer – just so good. And I reckon I could have soup for lunch and dinner almost every day in Winter and not get sick of it because there are just so many ways to make it: soup with meat, without meat, with lentils, sans lentils, thick, thin, chunky, smooth and healthy, healthy, healthy.

I also think that my love for soup is related to my leaning towards piggy snorter-ishness (which I alluded to on Wednesday with my lasagne love). I can have a BIG bowl and so I don’t feel deprived. I also like to savour my soups and tend to eat slowly, giving my tummy time to catch up with my brain. Bonus! And then there’s just the amazingness that is soup. Liquid gold in my book.

Today I’m bringing you another fave of mine, Italian Turkey Meatball Soup. Let me just say that again – Meatball Soup. Oh yummy yum yums. You can make your meatballs with any mince you like but I really love the lean turkey mince as it’s SO low in fat and takes on the flavours of everything it’s cooked with. In this case, it’s traditional Italian flavours of garlic, tomatoes and fennel. Molto Bene! I haven’t used any carbohydrate in this soup because I love the lightness and there’s plenty of vegetables to fill me up. But if you were so inclined, at only 991 kilojoules (236 calories) per serve with under 3 grams of total fat you could add a can of lentils or chickpeas, some pasta or a chopped potato or two if you really felt like it.

Do you love soup as much as I do?

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Italian Turkey Meatball Soup


Happy eating!




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