Italian Frittata

No Sandwiches Please!

This week Elly and Mia went back to school. Oh sad and lonely house it is without them, I do love the holidays when I have them around. But I digress….

There are many things the girls love about going back to school – friends, mental stimulation, play and that sense of achievement we all get when we’ve been busy. And then, there are the things they don’t like so much – having to get up early, not being able to slob around in their pjs all day, maths tests and the inevitable sandwich in the lunchbox every single day.

I don’t get it with the sandwiches as I LOVE a good sandwich, and although I’m too lazy to change my daily sandwich-making habit during the week, I’m happy to make an effort on the weekends.

This weekend, I’m making my Italian Frittata. It’s loaded with vegetables and tastes fantastic. I’ve used Italian style veg – zucchini, capsicum, olives and artichokes – but you could use anything you’ve got on hand. It’s also under 200 calories for a pretty big slice, so I can indulge as much as I like and not feel guilty – gotta love that. I serve this with a big salad and whilst I don’t need anything else, I’ll always have some lovely crusty bread on hand for John who likes that little bit extra.

So, no sandwiches this weekend (unless I get really busy and then it’s anyone’s guess….). What are you having for lunch this weekend?

Italian Frittata


Have a fantastic weekend,




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