In the mood for Spanish Chorizo and Lentil Stew

New Recipe – Big on fibre, low in kilojoules, quickity quick in the kitchen
I don’t need an excuse to get back into stews, casseroles and oven bakes but the cooler nights is certainly a good one. SO excited!

I’m still obsessed with Spanish and Mexican flavours so think I’ll have to accept that it’s not a fad for me and more of a lifelong love. All that lovely paprika and cumin in tomatoey goodness just curls my toes in every way. And what could be better than getting all that deliciousness into a stew with garlic, red peppers, chorizo and lentils? Not much me thinks.

Chorizo? Has she gone completely crazy? Chorizo isn’t light, it’s the opposite of light! And yes, you would be right but whilst chorizo isn’t on the World’s Healthiest Foods list, it’s okay in moderation. The problem with chorizo for light eaters is the misconception that you need bucket loads of the stuff for your dish to taste amazing. Not so. Chorizo is so full of flavour that you really only need a little to get that lovely earthy, salty chorizoey smack. And so I only use a little. About three quarters of a chorizo sausage does it for this dish and you don’t miss the rest. The only thing you miss is the kilojoules and saturated fat. The secret to getting the most from your chorizo is to chop it up finely so you get a little bit in every mouthful. Oh. So. Good.

So go Spanish tonight with this quick, easy and low fat bowl of stewy comforting goodness. It’s big on taste, big on fibre and low kilojoules and kitchen time.

Are you fan of chorizo or do you go without because it’s on the No No list?

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Spanish Chorizo and Lentil Stew

Per serve: 1159.7kj (277cals); 10g total fat (3.4g saturated fat); 8.3g fibre

Spanish Chorizo and Lentils
Healthy eating!




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