In the mood for Prawn, Potato and Watercress Salad

There are some food combinations that just work well together and prawns and watercress are a classic example. The fresh peppery-ness of the watercress add something special to the prawniness of the prawns. Not a very clear explanation but I don’t know how else to explain it – that’s what my brain says when I eat this salad.

Add a few potatoes with their creamy texture and we’re getting there for one of the world’s best salads. But what about the dressing? Ah, now we’re talkin….. This lovely avocado dressing is pretty spesh all on its own. It’s thick and creamy and tasty as all get out. Oh, and healthy and good for you. In fact, this dressing will most likely become one of your besties this Summer for just about any salad you can think of. Leave out the water and it becomes a lovely dip.  But put it all together with watercress, prawns, potatoes and a few lettuce leaves and you’ll be so incredibly happy. So happy……


What are your favourite food combinations? What really works for you and how does your brain explain it (better than mine hopefully).

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Prawn, Potato and Watercress Salad

Per serve: 1061.8kj (252.8cals); 6g total fat (1.1g saturated fat); 5.8g fibre

Prawn Potato SaladB
Healthy eating!




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