In the mood for Pork Burgers with Apple

New recipe – Light, low calorie burgers!
I’m always in the mood for a burger. Burgers are my thing. If we have takeaway or if I’m feeling seedy, I want a burger. I think I’ve mentioned this before …..

So it will come as no surprise to you that I’m bringing you a burger recipe. But not just any burger recipe, a pork burger with apple. Of course it’s pork with apples, what’s pork without apples? Just pork, which doesn’t sound good. Well, yes it does sound good but not as good with pork and apples.

Pork Burger with Apple

This lovely little number is made with lean pork mince, garlic and sage, skooshed into a burger patty, cooked to yumminess, plonked on top of toasted sourdough and topped with an oniony appley relish. Yes, it’s a bit fancy smancy but it’s also dead easy and one of the best burgers you’ll have. Everyone will love it and I mean everyone. Except those who don’t like pork and apples but I’m not sure they are worth keeping around…….

I like to keep this burger open and let the apples shine, but feel free to add a toasty sourdough lid if you prefer.

Do you like burgers? What’s your fave flavour? And do you need to have a burger when you’re feeling seedy?


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Pork Burgers with Apple

Per serve: 1875.7kj (448cals); 10.5g total fat (3g saturated fat); 4g fibre

Pork Burger with Apple
Healthy eating!



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