In the mood for Mango with Coconut Lime Ice-Cream

Perfect light dessert for hot weather
I’m in love with mango, can’t live without it. I can’t remember when the love affair started but it’s still going strong after many years. Luckily John doesn’t mind…..

Normally I eat my mangoes straight off the tree (well, straight off the market shelf) but I’ve also been known to throw a couple on the grill to serve with coconut liqueur and lime ice-cream. Oh my. Just. So. Wonderful.

Mango with Coconut Lime Ice CreamB
Now this recipe isn’t new on the site but I couldn’t resist reviving it for Summer. There are just so many mangoes around at the moment, why not take advantage? I’ve also lightened up the recipe. I wrote this one before I launched the site and since then I’ve learnt so much about what you need and don’t need. For this recipe, I realised that I didn’t need the sugar as the mango was sweet enough. Bonus!

It’s so easy to make and makes for the perfect end to dinner in warm weather. I’ve made the ice-cream using low fat vanilla mixed with lime juice and coconut liqueur (Malibu to be exact) but if you want to share this beauty with your kids, replace the liqueur with coconut essence. It’s a tropical holiday on a plate.

Do you have a love affair with a particular food? Does anyone mind?

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Mango with Coconut Lime Ice-Cream

Per serve: 1245.5kj (297.5); 5.8g total fat (4g saturated fat); 2.5g fibre

Mango with Coconut Lime Ice Cream1
Healthy eating!






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