In the Mood for Light Coconut Cheesecake Mousse

A couple of years ago I had a mistake with a no-bake cheesecake that didn’t set. I had been asked to make something for a morning tea and thought I would be ever so clever and make a no bake cheesecake. I had never made a cheesecake before – baked or unbaked – but it would be fine. Wouldn’t it?

Anyway, there I was in all my cooking smugness making a no bake cheesecake from a recipe that I’d written myself, for an audience that consisted of acquaintances and perfect strangers. What could go wrong? As I woke in the morning, completely sure that my cheesecake had set perfectly over night, I was met with what I can only describe as sloppy cheesecake goo. Yep, my no bake cheesecake was no set cheesecake goo. How did I not see that one coming? What do I do now???? I had to have this example of culinary creativity ready in 1 hour.

Light Coconut Cheesecake Mousse - B

Not to be thwarted, I quickly stirred it all up and spooned it into little plastic wine glasses with individual spoons and called it cheesecake mousse. Sigh. Of. Relief.

Ever since then I’ve been thinking about cheesecake mousse; light and airy with that quintessential cheesecake flavour. You’ll be glad to know that I finally got off my bum and did more than ponder.

This lovely cheesecake mousse is flavoured with coconut and lime (the flavours used in my original cheesecake disaster). The secret to the light moussey texture is beaten chilled evaporated milk. When you beat chilled evaporated milk it becomes thick and frothy and almost cream-like. The milk has to be chilled so I always keep a can in the back of the fridge. Once the chilled evaporated milk (I used coconut flavour) is thick and creamy, you add lime zest, caster sugar, extra light cream cheese and gelatine and beat until smooth. Pour into individual glasses and pop in the fridge until you need them. Done! This recipe makes 12 three quarter cup servings so it’s perfect for larger groups (like Christmas). Although best made on the day of serving, the mousse will be fine in the fridge for up to a day.

Have you ever had a public kitchen flop? What’s your worst? And could you save it?

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Light Coconut Cheesecake Mousse
Per serve: 391.4kj (93.2cals); 1.5g total fat (1g saturated fat); 0.03g fibre
Light Coconut Cheesecake Mousse

Healthy eating!


  • Julie

    Looks delish. I love mousse, Mike loves cheesecake so perfect compromise! Can’t get coconut flavoured evaporated milk but hopefully can find some coconut flavouring.

  • Jay – Moodie Foodie

    Flavouring would be great. How about a light coconut milk?

  • Julie

    I can get coconut milk but don’t think I’ve ever seen light coconut milk – don’t quite get the selection that we do back home! Might just have to use it if I can’t find the flavouring either and try not to eat so much of it!!!


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