In the mood for Healthy Nachos

Remember a while back I brought you my healthy corn chips? Well there was more to that than just giving you a great healthy snack. I was leading up to my delicious healthy nacho recipe. Man, I love these healthy nachos. They have everything a traditional nacho recipe has but it’s way better for you. Significantly lower fat, calories and salt, you can polish off a bowl and feel great about yourself while still having indulged in a Mexican favourite. If you’re not convinced, check out these scary stats:

Moodie Nachos per serve
1267kj (301.7cals); 11.6g total fat (5.1g saturated fat); 8.5g fibre; 458.8mg sodium

Traditional nachos per serve
2646kj (630cals); 40g total fat (13.9g saturated); 9.6g fibre; 764.4mg sodium

OMG! Go on and try my Moodie nachos, they’re light, tasty and just so good.


Do you like a plate of nachos? What’s your fave Mexican dish?

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Healthy Nachos

Per serve: 1267kj (301.7cals); 11.6g total fat (5.1g saturated fat); 8.5g fibre; 458.8mg sodium

Healthy nachosB

Healthy eating!




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