In the mood for Healthy Corn Chips

I LOVE corn chips. Think face plant into a big bowl – that’s me. But I know they’re not good for me on a regular basis – too much fat, too much salt, too much tasty guilt. So I stopped eating them for a while, it just wasn’t worth it considering the fact I can’t have just one, it’s not in my genes to do that (remember the face plant?). Yes, I stopped eating them until now that is.

In true moodie style, I’ve remade one of my favourite Mexican snacks so I can indulge without feeling bad about what I put in my body. They’re oven baked you see, oven baked corn tortillas that make perfect low fat corn chips. Big Fat Bonus which is all that fatty about these babies!

Healthy Corn Chips

I’ve given you a recipe for basic corn chips, but I’ve also added some other flavour suggestions below so you can get all tex mex in the kitchen this weekend. They keep well in an airtight container – not that they last very long.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how much healthier these little babies are, check out the nutritional comparison at the bottom of the recipe. Ouch!

Could you do a face plant into a bowl of corn chips or are you way more restrained than I?

Healthy Corn Chips

Per serve: 364kj (86.7cals); 1g total fat (0.2g saturated fat); 1.7g fibre

Healthy Corn Chips f

Healthy eating!



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