In the mood for Fish Burgers with Lemon Mayo

When I need a burger (LOVE burgers) but want to keep it on the light side, I reach for my Fish Burger with Lemon Mayo. What could be better than lovely pan-fried fish fillets with lemon and dill and lemon mayo squished into a soft bun?

It’s also fantastic for adding fish into your diet, particularly if you’re not much of a fish eater like me. I choose mild fish (not fishy fish) otherwise I wouldn’t be able to cook it let alone eat it. Good choices of mild fish in Australia include orange roughy, ling, pink ling and monkfish, but if you’re not sure ask the peeps at the fish shop or supermarket, they know their stuff.

Make this fish burger, honestly it’s really, really good and you’ll feel better for it. I always do – probably because it’s a burger more than because it has fish but who cares why, so long as you feel good.


Are you a fan of fish? Do you eat it at least twice a week like the nutritionists say we should? Got any great recipes? Go on and share.


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Fish Burgers with Lemon Mayo

Per serve (1 burger): 1493.4 (350.8cals); 9g total fat (1.1g saturated fat); 0.9g fibre

Fish Burger with Lemon Dill MayoB
Healthy eating!




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